The Willmar BPW Chapter of Minnesota Business Women is an active group of professional and business women that meets once a month to network and share. We meet at 5:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We begin casually at 5pm for networking opportunities and the business portion of our meeting along with a short program begins at 5:30. If you would like to join us (your first meeting dinner is free), please contact Robin Kopel at rlkopel@j-ots.com

Next regular club meeting:  December 18th, 2018
Location:  The Oaks at 5:30pm

Our next meeting will be our Christmas Party on December 18th at the Oaks. The meeting will incude something new and exciting this year as a COOKIE EXCHANGE! Please bring 6 dozen of your favorite cookies and bring your recipes to share.

Woman of the Year 2018: Jeanne Ashburn


OFFICERS for 2018 - 2019
Co-Presidents Jamie  Van Lengen

Lana Palmer
General Ledger Accounting Clerk/Jennie-O Turkey Store

Accessory Stylist/Premier Designs Jewelry
V-Pres/Membership Robin Kopel HR Manager of Recruiting/Jennie-O Turkey Store
Treasurer Julie Asmus Retired/Works w/state 'Dare' Programs
Secretaries Kristin Dresler

Lori Lockhart
Principal – Kennedy Elementary/Willmar Public School District

Principal – Roosevelt Elementary/Willmar Public School District
Programs Linda Bahe

Jessica Gruber
Administrator of Alternative Programs/Willmar Public School District

Commercial Loan Assistant/Central Minnesota Credit Union
Newsletter Betty Gubrud Sales Accounting Manager/Jennie-O Turkey Store


For website related questions: Contact: Jamie  Van Lengen.