Dala of Mora

Club President:  Robin Janousek  robin_janousek@yahoo.com

Meets on the 4th Monday of every month at:
Freddie's Restaurant 
810 Hwy 65
Mora, MN  55051




President:  Robin Janousek
Vice President:  Sue Hallin
Secretary:  Jennifer Veeser
Treasurer:  Jody Anderson


Check out the "Incredible" events that have happened

July 25th, 2016 – Incredibly Crafty Ladies

DBW member, Paula Jehlicka, taught how to craft with (re)purpose!

Pictures left to right: Paula & her samples, The group learning and creating

August 22nd, 2016 - Incredible Healing

We had a very enlightening program on Reflexology with Sue Hallin,
Owner-Soft & Gentle Healing Touch Reflexology Center

Pictured:   Sue Hallin

September 26th, 2016 - Our Incredible Health Center

Firstlight Hospital & Clinic, CEO, Randy Ulseth informed the group of the incredible services available
and upcoming changes with our local facility
Pictures left to right:  historical picture of hospital, Randy Ulseth, CEO, hospital today

October 24th, 2016Sharing Incredible Experiences

We celebrated NBWW and held our annual Scholarship fundraiser.  Linda Cullen Gallagher relgaled us with her adventures and shared how founding the non-profit Fifty Lanterns has changed lives around the world!
Pictured:  Linda Cullen Gallagher and a recipient of a flashlight/lantern from Linda with the Fifty Lanterns program

November 28th, 2016 - Our Incredible Chamber

Chamber Director, Karen Amundson is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy
and shared the great things happening at the Chamber

Pictured:  Karen Amundson, Chamber Director

December 19th, 2016Having and Incredibly Good Time together

What could be better than getting together with friends during the holidays, a hypnotist and being a charity host for gift giving to St. Claire Living Community of Mora!

January 23rd, 2017 – Enjoying Incredible Books

Judith Kissner, Owner of Scout & Morgan Books, provided us with a lively program
celebrating books written by women

Pictured:  Judith Kissner


Join us for our "Incredible" events yet to happen 

February 27th - Incredible Journeys

These young women, Lexi Bruno and Erin Denny will inspire you with their story,
why they chose to do it and who and what inspired them!
Pictured are Erin and Lexi on their journey

March 27th - Girlfriends Night Out

An annual event that is ALWAYS an Incredible Time!!
(Scholarship Fundraiser)


April 21-22nd

BPW MN State Event


April 24th - Being Incredibly Brilliant & Planning Ahead

Making sure things are in order in case the worst happens!

May 22nd - Incredible Things Happening in Energy

Info on Solar Gardens, Electric Cars and More!


June 26thOur Incredible Scholarship Recipients

We are inviting our recipients for an evening with music and fellowship


July 24thIncredible Crafty Women

Member Paula Jehlicka will share her talents and teach us another craft

Our Incredible Members

Beatta Hillman
Diana Orr
Jody Anderson
Sandi Johnson
Robin Janousek
Julie Johnson
Jennifer Veeser
Liane Heupel
Linda Laitala
Paula Jehlicka
Leona Dressel
Wanda Lamprecht
Pam Mattson
Lucille Schultz
Evette Wissler
Julie Hawkins
Laurie Anderson
Ruth Mills
Chris Randt
Sharon Kieliszewski Prahl
Laura Martin
Toni Fulton
Heather Turner

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