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We are the voice of working women in Minnesota; it’s a role we take very seriously. We’re constantly on the look-out for ways to bring value and growth opportunities to our members and working women.

Our organization offers the rare combination of personal and professional growth.  Members love the networking, the programs and especially the camaraderie they experience at the club meetings.  At state events they join with women from across Minnesota and from every walk of life to be inspired, to be exposed to new ideas and to be recognized for their accomplishments.  We truly are women helping women.

This year’s focus is  


Fall Greetings!

I love this time of year, even if all the pretty green is dying away, color still abounds.   To me September is like a new starting point, people prepare their minds for school and different activities start up again after a summer hiatus. Now it's time to gear up for an awesome BPW/MBW year!  Your directors have already gotten a head start on that with some plans and goal setting.  Clubs have their monthly programming in place, planning their membership drives and it's exciting!  As a member, what talents and how much time can you give to your club?  Don't under estimate yourself; whether you've been a member 1 year or 20 years, you have great qualities and leadership to share with your club. That's how your club grows and how you grow as a person. Reap what you sow!  No matter where we are in our lives, we want to continue to grow personally and professionally and help other women along the way. That's what women do, we are the "Givers", it's in our nature.  Could you invite one new person a month to your meeting?  We can probably think of at least one friend or co-worker who would be interested in the programming/speaker your club has planned.

Our state organization connects us all and what affects one club inevitably affects us all.  We are all interconnected.  All the clubs have their own ideas and opinions; share them; let's all learn and grow together.  No matter how big or small your club is, be proud and together we can be a capable and viable organization. The healthy functioning of all our clubs woven together with our mission statement is what makes us strong.  I hope we can all encourage and be open with one another.

The Board of Directors met on June 20th, officers and chairs were elected.  We had a conference call on August 20.  We had our first club presidents' call on September 17.  The BOD will meet again in St. Cloud on October 3.  Every other month we will have a BOD and a presidents' call.  Your elected director(s) and president will share with you what took place at these meetings and calls.  I feel communication and sharing are keys to success.  

I want to thank the BOD and chairs for taking on the challenge of going the extra mile again this year and thank you for another opportunity to be your state president.  I know I have learned from the past year,  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and that's a good thing.  My mind is open and I'm willing to listen.

Your 2015-16 state president,
Joni Fauchald


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